Sherrod Vincente

Sherrod made his debut in the beauty industry in 2010. Shortly after being laid off from Arlington County Government due to budget cuts, he decided to go in a different direction regarding his career path. It all began when he took a seasonal part-time position at Sephora.

That carried on to several other opportunities that would force him to explore, and expand his ultimate passion for the beauty industry. He continued his career working for several skincare brands, and spas throughout the metropolitan area.

In 2012, Sherrod attended Aveda Institute in Washington DC, while undergoing a 600 HR course to be certified and licensed in Washington DC.

Sherrod has extensive training and experience in medical and cosmetic treatments and a deep understanding of the various skin types and conditions.

He also specializes in corrective skin care for acne-prone skin, pigmentation abnormalities and evening out skin tone and texture.

Sherrod Vincent - Groomedskin.comSherrod loves to educate his patients on how to properly care for their skin, to maintain the benefits from their skin care treatments. Overtime, he then decided to take matter into his own hands, and develop his own skincare line, Groomed Skin.

It has been his passion, ever since completing beauty school, to become the owner, and develop his own skincare line. It is his mission and goal to promote a luxury skincare line that will aide, correct, and restore healthy skin care for all skin types.

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