Behind the Skin “Groomed SKIN”

I am beyond excited and overwhelmed to present to you after all these years of planning, and anticipating my blog. Groomed SKIN! The moment has finally come.  

I have been waiting for the moment for many years. I want to thank all my family & friends who have supported me over the past years throughout my professional career.

Your words of encouragement has impacted my overall prospective of life, and for that, I thank you!

This is just the beginning of Groomed SKIN! My intentions for this blog is to educate, and make aware of the Health & beauty industry.

With my professional skincare background, and years of  experience within this industry, I stand firm in delivering effective, & useful information to all of my supporters. So Buckle up,and lets get GROOMED! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!  

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  1. Super excited about this new endeavor in your life! Congrats on taking betting on YOU and following your dreams. It’s definitely easier said than done. Totally team Groomed Skin and looking forward to your launch!

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